A perfect option to savour our essence

Cider House Menu   39€

Cod omelette

Fried cod withpeppers

Beef T-bonesteak

Cheese, apple jelly and walnuts

Addtional T-bone steak to Ciderhouse menu

Vegetarian Menu   39€

Omelet of Xixaori

Sautéed green beans and foie with creamed potatoes

Grilled vegetables with cauliflower cream

Cheese, apple jelly and walnuts

Brasa Menú. 27€

13h - 15:30h Monday-Friday 

Weekly seasonal product menu

Child menu   16€

Pasta with tomato and cheese

T-bone steak burger with chips

Ice Cream

Water and soft drink included

Side Dishes

Salada with lettuce from Astigarraga


Home made chips


Tolosa’s style piquillo red peppers with D.O Navarra

9 €

Optional transport service from Donostia, Hernani, Astigarraga and Renteria. € 6 per person.


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The best gift you can give to your loved ones is some time with them enjoying a truly remarkable experience. An unforgettable memory savouring grilled dishes while admiring views of the Basque Country.